Covid19 changes

What to Expect Whilst You Are Here During Covid

The night before you arrive your room will not be occupied by any guest. The day you leave your room will not be occupied by another guest. This ensures both guests and staff are not in rooms where a guest has just vacated, ensuring that it is safe for everyone. In Public Areas masks are to be worn by staff and guests unless seated for a meal.

Washing of hands regularly  and use of hand sanitizer by all staff and guests in line with Govt advice. Sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the B and B. All areas are subject to intensive cleaning and and bacterial cleaning before throughout your stay.    Guests are advised not to arrive here if they have symptoms. No cancellation charges will be applied for anyone due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Guests are asked to sign in via the NHS Covid app where they are able.

Entry to guest rooms by staff during the stay period is not allowed. Guests are requested to leave items requiring cleaning or changing on a tray outside their room each morning. In the event of items requiring repair or servicing, this will be risk assessed by the staff and the appropriate measures will be taken. 

Buffet breakfast style is dispensed with. All items will be served by staff to guests seated at the table. The full range of breakfast items are still available to order.

We are ensuring that all guest rooms are blocked out prior to your stay, so the room you will occupy will not be used by a guest the previous day. All items  in bedrooms which are for discretionary use, such as robes, hairdryers ornaments not fixed have been removed and are still available on request. This is to ensure we reduce the chance of infection.

Certain general access areas such as the guest lounge are not for use by guests currently. The dining room and stairs for example are sanitized regularly eg tables prior to breakfast and afterwards.

Our full risk assessment is available on request. Everything we are doing is in place to ensure the safety and well being of all of our guests, staff and family living in the property and to reduce the spread of Covid in line with Central and Local Govt Guidelines.