We believe its imperative that everyone does their bit to look after our environment. 

So we are taking steps to reduce our consumption of energy and water. Increasing our use of recyclable materials and eliminating single use packaging and bottles.

Providing a choice of non meat products in our breakfast menu. 

We would encourage our guests to turn off lighting and appliances they are not using or when they leave the room.  To use clean bathroom towels for more than one night where possible. To use heating thermostats to control room heating.

We sort all waste materials into the relevant recycling bins and we compost all kitchen waste in the garden. By careful management of food items we believe have been able to reduce food wastage by at least 20% in the last 10 years of operation.   We buy locally sourced items where possible to reduce food miles and support local businesses and suppliers. 

Malvern is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Lets do all we can to keep it that way.